How to become an iOS developer?

     ‘I want to develop some killer apps in iOS’Is that you? Ok I will help you on it.I hope you already know what is iOS? How it works? And other stuffs about it. The lesson below explains the requirements and the basic steps you need to follow in order to start up as an iOS developer.               



Intel Based Mac:


  The first thing you’ll need is an Intel Based Mac machine. That’s expensive, Huh? But trust me it’s totally worth it. Mac machines come in many variants like iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini. Grab one of those to start developing.



  The next thing you’ll need is iOS SDK (iOS Software Development Kit). SDK is a combination of one or more programming api. It’s used by the developers to create applications for a specific platform. iOS SDK comes with Xcode. So there is no need to search for separate SDK downloads.



    Xcode is the official Integrated Development Environment (software Application used by the developers to create application for specific platform) for iOS.It contains instruments (tool used to manage and monitor the application memory), simulator (virtual device used to test the applications), frameworks (pack of api’s used by the developers to create a application), compiler and more. You need to have an apple account to download them. Xcode with iOS SDK can be downloaded here or else you could download it from your mac app store.

Apple Developer Account:


   To create an iOS application you need an apple developer account. Apple developer account registration charges $99. Every single application you create is unique, without an apple developer account you won’t be able to install them in a real device. 

Testing Device:


         During the application development you need a device to test the functionalities implemented. Xcode comes with a virtual device called ‘Simulator’. You can use a Simulator to test your application but a real device is recommended.

          Simulator uses the Mac machine resources and it is huge, you cannot predict the real time issues your application going to face. As real device like iPhone or iPad has low resource, running your application on them will give you a real picture of how your application works.

[Note-There is no need for Apple developer account to Run your application on Simulator.But you need them to run it on a real device]

Basic Knowledge:


   ‘Got all of the above? Great we should get started with developing now right?’  No, just not yet. Before we get started with developing there is something I’d like to tell you. 

        iOS uses object oriented C as its programming language. This is an object oriented language which is unique in its own way. So before taking a dive into iOS programming I’d suggest you to learn some basics of object oriented programming. It is not mandatory but strengthening your basics on object oriented programming is a HUGE plus in the long run.