10 Advanced iOS 8 Tips and Tricks

             Some of the apple iOS releases may seem like a bug fixing release and lack with features but this time apple did it rightApple claims iOS 8 is one of their biggest release and thats true. iOS 8 may seem like a normal release but it has a plenty of features which will make you tired of counting. Here I have produced a list of 10 iOS 8 tips and tricks to make you an expert. So lets get started!

ios 8

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UITableView example in Swift

           Previously we have worked on our first hello world example in swift app development process. Now in this tutorial I am going to show you how to implement a simple UITableView in swift.

     UITableView is used to display a list of items in a single column. It is a sub class of UIScrollView so it can be scrolled. Read apple documentation for detailed information about UITableView.



          In this tutorial I am going to create a new swift application, which displays a list of food names and their images in the UITableView. If you are new to this iOS app development process it is preferred to learn the objective c implementation first.

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UIDatePicker example in iOS

              In the previous tutorials we have worked around custom UITableViewCell and UIWebView. Now in this tutorial I am going to show you how to implement an UIDatePicker in iOS development.

        UIDatePicker is used to select a specific date and time in the iOS app development process. UIDatePicker class implements an object that uses multiple wheels from which user selects date and time. Read apple documentation about UIDatePicker.



In this tutorial I am going to create an iOS application which displays the user selected date and time from UIDatePicker through UILabel. [Read more…]

Custom UITableViewCell example in iOS

       We have already worked on implementing an UITableView in ios development. So now let’s move further. In this tutorial I am going to implement custom UITableViewCell as an additional part of the previous UITableView tutorial.

            UITableView is an collection of UITableViewCell’s. It defines the attributes and behaviour of the cells. UITableViewCell may contain image, text, label or whatever. User can use the default cell or he/she can modify them as per their requirement in the app development process. Read apple documentation about UITableViewCell.



    In this tutorial I am going to create an application with customized UITableViewCell’s, which contains food recipe image, name and their preparation time.  [Read more…]

UIWebView example in iOS

   We have worked around UICollectionView and UITextView in my previous tutorials. Now I am going to explain how UIWebView works in iOS and how to integrate them in your application.         

       UIWebView is used to embed the web content in your iOS application. It is used to display webpages and load documents like html, doc etc. It can move forward and backward in loaded content using the history. It even has property to detect phone numbers in the loaded content. Read apple documentation to learn more about UIWebView.



     In this tutorial I am going to create an UIWebView which loads webpage using url, html page and document. This is going to be an easy one.

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